4 factors to cementing the citizens technology buy in

The recent adverts running in the press painting a picture of the possibilities once the government is done with the installation and deployment of the world-class surveillance system, down to the futuristic looking command center has drawn mixed reactions. Some sight it as an “overkill knee jerk reaction” with the makings of a white elephant and others remain resigned, not able to grasp the workings of it and frankly not concerned as the immediate “benefit” is lost to them.

The adoption of technology is a challenge across both the public and private sectors. The rollout of any said tech must be well thought out with all publics kept in the loop on expectations, benefits and timelines. Akin to weaning a baby, government must ensure that the use of simple, easily digestible technology with immediate benefit and low learning curves takes precedence in its service delivery pipeline.


What you do not understand, you will probably not use and will form unfounded perceptions plus build up excuses not to use the technology.


A function of service design, usefulness ensures repeated activation leading to the creation of ambassadors who will hopefully tell all and sundry about the benefits accrued from employing the use of the peddled tech. Identification of a low hanging benefit is critical as a future promise amid a difficult present is a hard sell.


Where possible, the flavor and form of the experience should be uniform. Fragmentation is expected and therefore user experience should degrade gracefully without compromising the service quality greatly.


Services riding on the back of tech must have high availability rates with tear free mitigation should a curve ball be served. I shudder at our state of preparedness as we move into the cashless society as pushed by government. Many have already experienced the inconvenience of an ATM going offline, or a card swipe at the supermarket failing to go through; now imagine an outage on the mass transit’s payment system.

If the above are not built into every technological recipe, starting from the simple to the complex, chances of achieving scale and sustainability, even on government led initiatives will be difficult.

Buy-in requires clear articulation of value, transparent interfacing and seamless interaction.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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