7 Reasons to Attend Wordcamp this November

This is a great chance to meet up with other WordPress fanatics and learn from the different levels of the conference. WordCamp is coming to East Africa for the first time and it is a great thing that it is happening in Kenya.

WordCamp 2011 is happening on 12th and 13th November 2011 at Crayfish Camp (YES, in a real campsite) in Naivasha, about 100km from Nairobi.

Below are top 7 reasons why you should attend WordCamp 2011

1. All About WordPress

Whether you are a blogger, a designer, a web developer or a content manager at your firm, you will find WordCamp Kenya 2011 very useful as the speakers range from techie level to user levels. In fact, we shall have speakers talking about content and the basics of WordPress, useful even for beginners.

2. It is Local First

Before any other speakers are given priority, we are working to make sure that African and even more East African speakers are given priority to ensure that we engage the WordPress user community with local content and focus on solutions to the local needs. No one understands Africa than the African.

3. It Will Be Fun!

WordCamp is not your everyday too formal conference. For starters, it will be held in Naivasha, just next to the lake at a campsite. There will be two days of learning and fun. Attendees will have a great chance to network and learn great loads of useful tips on how to use WordPress effectively.

4. It is Affordable!

For the great 2 days of learning, food, tented accommodation, refreshments, transport from and back to Nairobi and meeting of great potentials, you will only need to pay Kshs. 2,500 for early birds and Kshs. 3,000 afterwards. No better deal.

5. A Great Learning Experience

You shall meet lead developers, designers, poets, bloggers and more, just bring an open mind, you will leave with loads of knowledge.

6. An Automattic Experience

We shall have great guests from Automattic, the company behind WordPress. They will tell of how they have managed to build the World’s largest content publishing software within under 10 years.

7. It’s Cool and Trendy

This is the first conference of its kind in East Africa, it will be the most talked about, most blogged about event in East Africa at the time, would you rather read or hear about it or experience it?

You have a few months to prepare, save up and make sure tickets are not sold out before you get in. So, go ahead, get a place in it, start off here.

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