1. NipateNdaniyaMtandao

    Thats a good analysis and on the right path.
    My feeling towards all this is there is too much pressure on local developers and everyone is trying to do something.Everyone shouldn’t do unique stuff all over the board…we can jus do the stuff that is there currently and improve it…..jus as there is mozilla/opera/IE and all…vlc/jet audio/winamp players….pesapal/nilipe/mpesaapi….lets jus think simple .stuff that is there and can be improved……..how people can pay for insurance,tax payments…the background work is alot but the thought is simple….wen on that track new things n unique stuff comes.all the best

  2. Yes, the honeymoon is now over for the hubs and labs. Time to show results. I challenge them to produce several mid-sized companies(revenues of 5 million+) by the end of their current financial year.

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