County cash, monetizing the new dispensation

Everyone wants to make money, but not everyone knows how. Everyone wants to get their hands dirty in the technology space but the space is so broad most do not know where to start. The requests I keep getting thorough my email are very interesting, with questions ranging from what subjects to study in college, is this or that degree relevant in the market to requests for partnership on super secret world changing ideas.

The most direct and probably the request that I could best offer an answer to or give direction came in last week and it read – “How do I identify opportunities in IT and what is the best way to capitalize on them?”

If there is one thing that the new constitution has done for the observant eye, is market segmentation. The country has segmented into counties, a move which allows one to zero in on the needs and wants of the communities that reside therein. In an earlier piece, I asked the question – Where is the creativity when it comes to developing services or products that leverage ICT?

How to approach it would be to ask a lot of questions to help you drill down on a need and look at what you could add value to in the existing ecosystems using ICT.

What resources are there in the region? What demand seems unmet? Are there any skillsets that are underutilized? What information is being taken for granted? The greatest opportunities lie in the making of information more affordable, making access to services much easier and reducing cost or time that it takes to do something.

After identifying the need, you then need to decide on the channel that you will use to provide the solution. The current available options for service delivery are mobile and desktop. Mobile has additional channels to it with the most commonly used in the region being SMS. Mobile web and mobile applications are fast gaining traction leveraging mobile data which is cheaper.

The final bit is building and rolling out your service and here is where many get lost as they don’t have access to the people who are well versed with the technologies. A quick way round this for someone looking to build a prototype for their service would be to get in touch with the growing number of ICT Hubs, where you can connect with developers who can assist in building the services and can offer insightful market advice. The best part of it all, is that it need not cost a fortune to get a localized county valued added service running that you can easily replicate to other counties should there be need.

Get observing, ask questions, build services and create new businesses.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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