Future thinking, a break from the present

Dreams stoke the fires of innovation and propel forward the harbingers that offer differentiated thought  that on many occasions usher in the future. Shifting focus on the activity and the potential of  now, I want to imagine the future and a number of ways in which two generations will experience life and their very existence differently.

On a base of the internet of things – with all manner of elements, devices and ecosystems connected in real or near real-time, increased computing power, the re-emergence of the cloud and the community of hardware builders, the future reads like a script from a science fiction movie.

The definition of self

How we experience our world is a function of our senses, whose interpretation is done in our brains with communication and “data” transmission facilitated by neurons that fire off electrical impulses. We now have transistors that can fire faster than our own neurons, and studies that have shown that we can indeed replicate and store the impressions made in our brains in the cloud. The implications of this is that we could increase our own mental computational capabilities and have infinite storage for our own experiences and create new avenues through which we could learn and even share memoires. With your brain essentially in the cloud, suddenly the idea of immortality can be entertained as the sum total of our existence is attributed to our experiences. Philosophy checks in with its many perspectives, so I pause the thought there.

Healthcare and wellness delivered differently

Self assembling robots on a molecular level – nanobots make possible the deployment of “health police” a cellular level mechanical force that can be introduced into the body at birth or later as “vaccination” loaded with a database of  disease and pathogen signatures connected to a feed that gives constantly updates. Symptoms  will never manifest as all infections are nipped in the bud by this constantly patrolling force with diseases such as cancer relegated to history. Artificial red blood cells that carry a higher oxygen payload will greatly enhance human performance meaning we can do more faster.

These are only two frames in my mind’s eye of how different things could be in the future as we continue to discover and push the boundaries of science and technology. The possibilities are indeed endless and hopefully we can leverage the emergent and future tech for the good of humanity.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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