In the beginning…again

I made up my mind not to look at another web publishing tool and make do with what has been tired and tested. Also, it is not my core business or in my best interest to build tools such as these. I realized however that if I do not get to chronicle various developments and various states of me, I would have a hard time tracing back my roots. Success has a way of doing that regardless of your best intentions.

So I finally settle on here with no need or thought of moving, and I attempt to chronicle the events that have seen me get to where I am, older wiser and on the verge of creating the consistent and ever growing revenue streams that will see my…our ideas take root in the market that is Africa.

Symbiotic Media was essentially born on a hot afternoon while I was one of nine students in a final year class (02) at the Starehe Institute. And the good Mrs.Gatheru wasn’t feeling quite upto teaching and challenged us to brainstorm on business concepts. I must say quite a number of good ideas came up during that session.

My little red book came to life, being the repository of all manner of ideas, no matter how mundane.

Joining the Institute was a choice I made after completing my final paper and feeling totally useless and dumb when I asked myself the question…“So you are done. What can you offer the world? ” It was a sobering thought for a young man who was supposed to be exhilarated at the prospect of “freedom” – a concept that holds such relativity.

This was to be the beginning of roller coaster of ups and downs, obstacles, corporate lies and having to grow up rather fast! I remember, of the 9 students in that final class three of them were going to study medicine, another two were going for engineering, two for computer science and the other two were not quite decided. I was hoping to get into the faculty of computer science, a plan that fell through after I was called to study bachelor of anything having missed my desired course by 1 point! Talk about depressing!

Of course I tried getting onto the program (computer science) through other avenues…sema para!  What remained was an acceptance that the system can not be worked to give you what you need, at least not easily. There is one bus… going one way, you either get on and buckle in or you get off…

I got off

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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