1. macharia

    i just read the pewahewa article on the nation and i tried to check out their website. i was dissapointed coz i had expected alot. does anyone know any other website that offers similar services?

  2. onlineuser

    Us guys in the diaspora cant buy! guess its a localised solution. Interesting business model, most people i've seen around often target people in the diaspora. Wish i could purchase, but seems I have to wait and see if the credit card option will be included.

  3. There have been a number of initiatives out there but non that really delivers. We have something in the pipeline that should be out by Q2 of 2010 which should bridge this gap better.

  4. Yvette W.

    What are you on about? I bought music on Friday afternoon. Guys like bashing each other and i can't understand why. Pewahewa is totally awesome. Maybe you should refresh your page…

    • It is sad that you view it as bashing. I am objective and honest in my “reporting”. The site only had a splash page when i went to it, with nothing more to show. Hence why my piece reads as it does. Clearly we were not on the same “internet” as you bought your music on Friday afternoon. I call it as i see it, maybe you should read the price again to get where i am coming from. (or would you much rather have had a timestamped screenshot :-))

  5. I also checked the site on saturday… but there was that splash image. Somehow i managed to hack my way inside and probably could view the entire website behind that splash image.

    But the site still incomplete… sample music not workin…

  6. alexmumo

    Pewa Hewa.com reserve kudos, for at the first time trying there best. Who ever thought of what they did? and if you knew it what have you done about it? fine instead of whining come up with your solution and we the users we test.
    I am currently scoping my site (off course i cant mention what will be there)..but watch this space

    • Bwana Alex, i pity folk like you who view honest commentary as an attack. I am a supporter of local innovation. I will suggest to you as i have done with others with the same mindset that you read…not glaze over the post. “Instead of whining…come up with your own solution”…chief…call a spade a spade. if it was not live at the time of going there…it was not live. I look forward to seeing your product go live…if it is any good then the masses will use it. Oooh, by the way, the guys of PewaHewa got in-touch as soon as they went live.

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