Ideas for your next mobile marketing initiative

Markets are dominated by me-toos, and mobile initiatives seem to be suffering the same fate. We are being subjected to similar structures for promotions, identical pools of rewards, and similar modes of engagement. What happened to creativity and thinking outside the box?
There is a popular employee recruiting tactic that sees candidates asked to give ten different uses for a stone. You can apply the same mental challenge to help you craft your next mobile marketing initiative. The mobile was initially a tool that enabled communication on voice and sms but it has over time become different things to different people.
If you are planning to run a mobile initiative soon, think about putting yourself in the position of your would be audience. What do they think they have in their hands?
For the traveler coming into the city for the first time looking for a government office to engage, and needs someone to talk to. It’s a phone. Could you leverage interactive voice response to address his need and in the process create a touch point for future engagement?
For the lady with a full featured handset, the phone is a camera. Why not craft something that will engage your customers with your brand by having then create videos or take pictures that showcase your brand? Can you have a monthly theme with consumers entering picture contents or video blogging as they tell others how they interact with your brand? Never underestimate the desire for fame and to be heard!
The phone is a calendar, have you ever thought of adding value to over 15 million calendars in the market? What would you do different in your marketing mix if you had the ability to post an activity to the calendars of 2 million people in of your area of interest?
All the operators are rolling out faster data networks, and the number of people using these networks is growing exponentially. The phone is a browser and your market is online. What are you still doing offline?
The recent and continuing operator battles have seen the costs of sms reduce drastically. The phone is a messaging tool. Can you use it to ask for consumer feedback? Have you thought of incentivizing your consumers to take your message viral on this cheap medium?
The phone knows where it is, and the owner is not usually far off. Have you thought of location based engagements? Did you know that it is possible to now engage consumers based on their location?
Last but definitely not least, the phone is a wallet. Are you still sticking up signs that read cash only? Do have an inspired and creative week.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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