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  1. Wow! The multi-disciplined approach to real world problem solving really makes tremendous sense. A public/private partnership where a wide range of interests, and more importantly, expertise are brought to bear on a significant problem has the potential, at the very least, to develop a better understanding of the problem, and possibly, a way to solve it. This same approach could then be replicated across a range of issues/needs.

    I believe the key to success is how you manage such an endeavor? Do you do it in an ad hoc manner where informal groups form to discuss, research and implement, maybe, under some broad guidelines of prior agreement?

    It appears that significant sectors such as telcom, government and universities are honestly attempting to idenfity mutual areas of interest. Half the battle is having the “will” as the “way” will appear if there is true dedication and minimum of resources.

    You may want to take a look at Openideo platform for collaborating solutions sponsored. For example, was in top 20 finalist for brainstorming solutions to maternal health using mobile technologies sponsored by Oxfam and Nokia.

    It appears to me efforts like this in maternal health are exactly the type of public/private partnerships you are talking about.

    Kudos to you! as it is exciting to see the groundwork being laid for path forward.

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