Jubilee’s hundred day transformation pegged on rapid results initiatives

It is day two with the new sheriffs in town, and Kenyans being the peculiar lot we are, are crossing out calendars and having that mental countdown to the new principals to see if they will deliver on their election promises. The manifesto of the Jubilee team, reads well and it was commendable that both the President and Deputy President reiterated their commitment to deliver on all fronts and gave a number of 100 day targets. However, government is a massive organization, that may not have all parts moving at the same pace or even the same direction.

Come in Rapid Results Initiatives or R.R.I as it is better known on the implementation front. RRI’s are focused implementation programs that are handled by and hopefully will continue to be handled by the Public Sector Transformation Department, that looks into what I call quick win opportunities, that include knowledge transfer, internal buy-in , service or innovation deployment and subsequent support. You will notice that the title reads public sector transformation – which refers to the citizen facing element of government which is essentially ALL of government as we are moving from Sirikali to more open and collaborative forms for government.

Being skewed to technology based implementations,  I am aware of many projects some in the pilot phase and others gathering dust for lack if requisite  momentum, despite been given the nudge by development partners by way of commissioned research into the pain points. Literally every single vertical mentioned by the principals has initiatives that have gone through seventy percent of the development cycle – and ground to a halt or hit some bottleneck.

The road-maps developed by various teams having received input from ecosystem players remain relevant as the challenges leading to their development are still present, and the government need not re-invent the wheel. Pushing  the “ digital team” agenda, I wish to see the government adopt elements of start-up thinking as regards technology solution adoption. That they have lean teams focused on deployment, iterate rapidly to find best fit for solutions and not be afraid to apply innovative business models that will see services scale and  become sustainable. The sustainability bit mentioned since I don’t entirely believe in the free services model.

Technology is but an enabler and straight out of the blocks – agriculture, tourism, trade, medical services and governance, are prime candidates for R.R.I. that will cement government commitment to both the long and short term delivery of value as proposed in the coalitions manifesto.

With the hullabaloo and fanfare surrounding the elections presumably over, it’s time for action. Like a coiled spring, private sector is always ready. Let’s do this.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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