Lead generation on mobile: best practice

Your target consumer is constantly on the move; with busy schedules and information overload, attention is hard to hold if you don’t serve up a call to action, remain relevant or enter into a conversation with your prospect.

Having held a session recently with the top insurance sales agents in the country, it emerged that they like many others in the sales and marketing roles are yet to embrace lead generation via mobile and are opting to stick to the tried and tested yet costly and sometimes annoying modes of engagement of cold-calls and referrals.

Mobile lead generation can reduce the cost of acquisition of a consumer, as it moves the interactions on a medium that while yet personal, doesn’t have the overheads of a traditional sales pipeline. You must however fine-tune your mobile lead generation process, ensuring that the following are covered.Generating traffic to your mobile centric lead generation tool can be achieved through a number of ways, but once a potential consumer lands on it, the experience must be straight  forward to nudge the user close to a full conversion. Every interaction must end in a transaction. The definition of “transaction” is entirely dependent on you. What is your payload?  Is it getting a mobile number, an email, a physical address or signup to a trial service?

Give just enough information to aid in the making of a decision or increase the desire for more that will see a prospect willing to engage further. Once they opt to give information, keep it short. Long forms are an immediate bottleneck to data capture and you may experience drop-offs if you don’t think through this well.

The mobile device is used for a myriad of reasons and activity on one front may be interrupted by another. You must ensure where possible that data entered on your tool can be saved  for future completion or made available should an interruption such as a call or application activation happen.

Response times to a prospect who has gone through the cycle is crucial and immediate feedback via email , sms or call back is necessary to lend additional confidence; needed in a market where consumers are still wary of faceless interactions.

The mobile channel offers a fantastic way to reach and influence customers, and there’s never been a better time than the present to plug it into your lead generation process.

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