Make over for allwoman :)

Allwoman has been one of those projects that has been in the pipeline for a couple of years. It was a project targeted at participatory web, and had the regular options – discussion forum, newsletters, photo gallery, opinion polls the works. It being a pet project saw it get sporadic attention, when we were not working towards paying bills. We had a small window of opportunity when an up and coming young ladies publication – eveGirl needed a web presence ans we had pretty much finalized the CMS and other backend features. Nyikuri worked on the backend.

Unfortunately, scope creep and other issues saw us pull back from the project and it reverted back to its original name of Allwoman. We also had a difficult time coming up with content with a local twist, which we saw as the strength of this project. Finally we managed to get close to 1,000 articles for the launch of the website.

But upon analysis, we realised that the site and backend, while still good eye candy had been passed by the times in terms of tools that would take the content further and enable better content sharing and experience for the users.

We are moving the entire site to a blog concept that will make it easier to grow the community and enable more participation from our audience.

Allwoman walks of of th salon on the 1st of February 2008

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