Mobile distribution, an option for the publishing industry

In my many interactions with people from different industries and sectors, a common theme that keeps arising is that many do not see how mobile technology can be of tangible use to them. Tangible here meaning money in the bank and not brand building or some other out there, up in the sky deliverable that would make sense for a multinational.
I did meet up with a publisher friend, who is just starting out but already has two books and an impressive selection of audio content. The biggest challenge that she is facing is that of distribution especially in pursuit of the quality she wanted, the titles were printed out of the country which adds up the cost of production.
“Content is not a problem, distribution and payments is. Not forgetting piracy”
What the mobile platform affords publishers is the ability to distribute content at a cost that is much less than that of traditional distribution. What’s more, with mobile money and payment gateways now available, you can bill readers and listeners and have the revenues directly attributable to you without having to go through numerous intermediaries.
All that it requires is a change in perspective. How does a publisher view their content? If the publisher cannot view their content out of the context of a bound book, then this new model of distribution will be lost to them.
If they can free their content from the confines of paperback or hardcover, then the benefits that mobile can bring will be realized.
Back to my publisher friend; at the end of our meet up, we had identified that her content, though localized, had international appeal. We quickly drew parallels to other international titles that could be classified in the same content niche and saw that they relied on annual subscriptions with physical books being shipped out to subscribers.
What if we didn’t have to send physical books, but still leveraged on the subscription model? What if we adapted the content for mobile only and leveraged the numerous mobile content and application stores? What if we plugged in a mobile payments platform that allowed anyone to subscribe to the content whether they are in Kenya, Europe or the US?
The answer to the above is simple – Peace of mind for the publisher or content owner.
Your content gets distributed to a larger audience that may be beyond your current reach, and best of all; you get paid.
Such is the power of mobile, in distribution and payments.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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