N.I.C. – now i see, my bank won't tell me why…

The NIC Bank’s Move account was initiated in November 2003, with a prime aim of pulling in young professionals, and the newly employed.I was young, I was a professional ,I was newly employed and I hated queues…perfect. For  six years I have had a wonderful relationship with my bank, save for the fact they gave me rolls of documents and requirements before NOT giving me a credit card for our online transactions, which I eventually got from KCB – Kenya Commercial Bank in a record 7 days and having me on a wild chase trying to get payments sorted whilst in South Africa.

I never did get to experience the long queues that banking halls were famous for, as I could do all my banking pretty much from the ATM and Move centers. I also got email alerts on stuff…so convenient.

A couple of weeks ago, i go to my regular Move Center in town to do my regular transactions when I am told “Mr.Mbugua, unfortunately you can’t do this transaction from here anymore. You will have to do it from the banking hall” . So what’s changed…? “We are not authorized to do it from here anymore…system access” Ok, not to blast the messenger I head to the banking hall…with  a successful product that clearly overshadowed the mother brand, there are more customers that when I first ‘moved’…duh!And I am hit, but a long queue that I am forced to join after an unsatisfactory answer from CS why my Move center banking perks have been suddenly withdrawn without as much as an email. “That’s not the sort of thing we would send out on our newsletter” – I am told. As I get to the counter…no piped music and numerous twitter and facebook status updates later…I see it. A big sign at the corner…NIC Online, everything that I used to do at the Move center easy and for FREE is now available online at a monthly cost. Now I see…

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.
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