Personalization, the key to unlocking better ROI

The most effective marketing campaigns are those that have digital elements integrated. As markets develop and channels of communication increase, it is imperative that messages are tailored for their audiences if one is to break through the clutter and get their message across. Key to the creation and dissemination of these messages is personalization.

Unlike traditional media; think television, radio and print, new media; think mobile and web, affords you the opportunity to create personas that help paint a better picture of your consumer.  However, it requires an integrated approach as you interact with your consumer in pulses and the profiling more often than not cannot be done in one swoop. The personalization I talk of is more than a “Dear Mbugua” type of engagement, but one that is derived from deeper mining of consumer data in an unobtrusive way, to deliver value. I say unobtrusive, because no one likes to feel like specimen from whom data is being collected. The pulses with which you engage the consumer to collect data must be well timed to reach the consumer when they are aptly conditioned, perhaps right after a successful sale with an incentive to provide freely that additional information. For example, right after a sale, you may send a text message thanking your customer for their patronage and offer a 10% discount on a future purchase should they fill out  a mobile survey in the next 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, in the local context not many brands, organizations and businesses seem keen to extend their interactions on mobile or web, citing the cost of engagement as prohibitive. While it may take more than one interaction to build a decent customer profile, the benefits are immense and quite obvious after the fact. It may cost Ksh 20 to create a consumer’s profile via email, mobile and web channels but the same consumer may make your business a hundred times more in profit when simply responding to targeted communication,  by direct purchase or referral.

It is said that closing a sale with a previous customer is a lot easier that enticing a potential customer. Customers are human, and the human condition lends itself to emotive expression and avenues for connection. That your  brand can reach out and connect with a consumer makes a sale , referral or other engagement easier.

Go ahead and take the leap. Put some investment behind building your consumer profiles, therein lies a great opportunity for an increased return on investment on your marketing initiatives.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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