Riding the wave of mobile content consumption

A recent conversation with a client revealed that brands are yet to figure the importance of engaging their target audience where they hang out. There is this mindset that the audience must be funneled to a mobile app, mobisite or website for them to fully engage with a brand. This usually leads to disenchantment when the said properties do not reach projected levels of engagement, as users opt to stay put, whether on Facebook, Twitter or some other social fireplace.

There is a way to drive engagement and get mindshare that brands locally are yet to embrace. Mobile content consumption has taken off with the increase in number of smart “enough” phones with data activated. The content ranges from music, videos, games to personalized content that many would not give a second thought to such as horoscopes. While paid content downloads and subscription models are still king locally, brands can adopt the ad supported model to make these and other content items available to a wide base of interested consumers and thereby lower the barrier to engagement by riding on content their target audience is already receptive to.

Consumer interest and receptiveness towards messaging increases greatly when bundled with content that they are interested in; more so if that content is free or at least perceived as free. As the consumer engages with the content, they will do so with particulars that will allow your brand to further converse with them. Getting  that email, mobile number or social platform handle is an important first step in the quest to better know your audience. Your brand can then slowly build up on that to create personas and identify influencers who can become brand ambassadors in the future.

Hands down, this different way of touching base with current or potential consumers delivers  on the metrics that should matter to any brand or marketing manager. Random or seemingly random allocation of advertising monies needs to be put in check.

Perhaps it is a question of who will dip in first. I have in the past talked about brand owners or managers who are afraid to take the plunge and try  new things. Opting to wait for adoption to go mainstream before they latch on.

With varied content niches to draw from, brands should look at getting more bang for their advertising monies in the coming months. Your bottom-line will thank you for it.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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