1. Mary

    Colonialism. People who have never held citizenship of this country. People who exploit the country for selfish gains still considered to be important more than locals.

    Dont we have Kenyan trailblazers?

    • Mary, the process of selection was consultative and members of the community were called upon to nominate those they thought would best represent their interests. You must be careful what “accusation” you level. I hope you participated in the process. Najivunia kwa mkenya 🙂

  2. Its discouraging to read negative comments about a development which surely heralds an exciting future to the local tech community. It’s easy to dismiss this and invoke the all-to-familiar ‘these are not Kenyans’ line, but this is lazy and is characteristic of comments not thought-out. Anyone with any idea on the goings-on in the local tech scene will surely appreciate the contributions of both foreigners and Kenyans as well. I dare say some of the things we are currently so proud of would have seen the light of day w/o the so-called non-citizens.
    This is a welcome piece of news. The skeptics may think otherwise, but then these kinds of people will always be there.

  3. This is a great development and Safaricom, the university and board participants should be commended on their foresight. This kind of thinking and work can only help further establish Kenya as leading IT center in Africa.

    I think Nicholas makes a great point. As a ‘non-citizen” actively working to release IT solution in Kenya market, I am always disappointed by the “colonialism” comparison. It would appear better to judge by merits and results rather then locking out participants based on assumed intent. Locals are always going to have the advantage and all tools irrespective of source should be made available so developers can mix and match best solutions for particular need. Openness and a level playing field will ALWAYS trump protectionism.

  4. was at the launch and was pretty amazed at the potential of the first batch of techies who went thru the academy.
    What i didnt like is most of em were doing android compatible apps, and we both know where the money currently is

  5. @edwinabuga

    Good on Safaricom. I’m no techwhiz but what I know is that this news potentially means that there will be some great products (such as apps) specifically targeted for the local market (Kenya, Eastern Africa). I’m hopeful..

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