1. @Njihia, i agree with you on one point. There is need for some form of regulation protecting local developers' intellectual rights when they pitch their ideas or beta products to the likes of big Saf! Instead of crying foul (justifiably so) why not start engaging ICT Board in the lobbying for an addition to the bill of rights that gives us room for suing these bastards!? Is this already in the works somewhere?

    • Copyright law is there and IP protection can be sorted. Thing is capitalization on gullibility and the lack of funds that's the bane of many developers. If you don't have a legal team to match to really scrutinize the documents and advise you, then you might as well as get eaten alive or as the doc reveal walk in with something and out with nothing. With a billion shilling war-chest, you are very very dispensable…and if you don't engage with a lawyer form the onset…that suing maneno…forget

      Thing is, you can be successful and autonomous…it just takes time and maybe hopefully they themselves will want to buy you out and then you may refuse cause you have your own legs now πŸ™‚ that's the beauty of innovation and entrepreneurship…you cant be a one hit wonder if you live on the edge…

  2. Amohamed

    you finding this out NOW???? Ask 3mice about “Life in Green”… lol… Let me just say one word: SAFCON.

    Don;t waste any more time with those buggers unless you have a “virtual” office in Russia or Ukraine to con them back with. Just do your solutions… someone will pay for them because they are good. Days of begging networks to provide solutions are oh-so 1990s… eff them! πŸ˜€

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