Safaricom's Policy on Unsolicited Ideas :-)

The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes when Safaricom’s products, services or marketing strategies might appear to be similar to ideas or proposals that may have been previously submitted to Safaricom.

Safaricom Limited (“Safaricom”) and/or its employees, contractors, agents do not invite
unsolicited ideas/proposals, including ideas/proposals for new advertising campaigns, new
promotions, creatives, artwork, new or improved products or technologies, product
enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans, product names or other works.

If a member of the public elects to disregard this Policy and proceeds to send to Safaricom
any idea/proposal, then irrespective of the contents of the idea/proposal, the following terms shall apply to the idea/proposal so submitted:-
Terms of Idea Submission
The person submitting the idea/proposal will agree that:
(a) The submissions and its contents will automatically become the property of Safaricom, without any compensation whatsoever to the submitter;

(b) Safaricom may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose
and in any way;

(c) There is no obligation for Safaricom to review the submission;

(d) There is no obligation on Safaricom to keep any submissions confidential or proprietary.

(e) That Safaricom’s receipt of the unsolicited idea/proposal does not imply a promise to
pay nor a recognition of the novelty or originality of the idea/proposal nor does it
establish a relationship which might require Safaricom to pay for the evaluation of the
information disclosed in the idea/proposal.

(f) That Safaricom accepts no liability whatsoever in receiving any unsolicited
ideas/proposals including for any disclosure of the same.

(g) Safaricom shall be fully indemnified from any legal and or other claims made by any
third party with regard to the form or substance of any unsolicited idea/proposal
submitted to Safaricom.

(h) The any use of Safaricom’s intellectual property in the unsolicited idea/proposal is
been done without the express consent of Safaricom and shall at all times remain the
property of Safaricom and Safaricom does not waive any rights with regard to the
ownership and use of its intellectual property.

(i) That the submitter acknowledges that similar ideas/proposals may have been
submitted to Safaricom and the submitter shall irrevocably waive all rights to institute
any legal or other actions against Safaricom with respect to any act or omission on its
part related to the idea/proposal.

(j) That Safaricom reserves the right to decline any meeting invitation or submission
given to it including the submitter’s without assigning any reason thereof.

(k) That should Safaricom choose to discuss any/idea proposal further then such
discussion will be on a “without prejudice” basis and subject to contract.

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