1. Some Guy


    This is just a standard SMS app (like MPesa on Safaricom’s SIMs or the way you have a set of operator applications). The only difference here is that the platform being supported is Facebook. See here for some detail.

    The three most important points to note:
    – apps must be installed by the GSM operator prior to delivery to the customer.
    – apps cannot be updated onto existing SIMs if not present, the SIM must be replaced.
    – apps must be supported by the carrier, while they are set-independent, they are carrier dependent. And since there is a cost associated with the service, they will almost certainly not be free
    So, while it is an interesting achievement, it is nothing new, just good marketing.

  2. Wow, This is very cool use of SMS technology. As you rightly point out its important to know the monthly fee. I am wondering how they are going to market this in Africa. Seems like it would be a cool way for group of people to stay in touch using only SMS. Although I am not Facebook user I am impressed how they are driving use of service in emerging markets. I think this is very smart for future growth.

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