South African mobile user generated content market to reach $476 million by 2013, up from $195 million in 2008

With almost 29% of South Africans using mobile UGC services/content on a daily basis, based on JBB Research estimates, the South African mobile UGC services/content market has now reached a tipping point.  By the end of 2013, the total number of South African wireless UGC subscribers is expected to almost double. This  report analyzes the key players, future drivers, various business models, ecosystem, value chain, and key issues/inhibitors in the South African mobile UGC services/content space.

It also assesses and ranks the leading players (e.g. wireless carriers, handset vendors, mobile blogging companies, mobile chat companies) strategy toward mobile UGC services, and provides specific recommendations to some of the leading companies featured in this report. Companies profiled in this report include Vodacom South Africa, MTN South Africa, Cell C, Virgin Mobile South Africa, MXit, Movius, Nokia, Samsung, LG, RIM, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, Apple, Google, Facebook, Buoungiorno, StarFish Mobile, Twitter, etc. The leading WASPs (Wireless Application Service Providers) in South Africa are also profiled in this report.

For example, mobile UGC services like MXit and The Grid have become the perfect communication platform for many South Africans especially teenagers and young adults (13 – 25 years old). The young South Africans have a thirst for understanding technologies and are very community oriented (…) They have become a driving force for the South African mobile UGC services market today.

Despite the challenging macro environment, many carriers and startups in South Africa are now gearing up for the upcoming 2010 World Cup, set to take place in South Africa. Ultimately, the 2010 World Cup should alleviate the emergence of a new generation of mobile UGC services.

“In the next 2-3 years, following the dynamic of the 2010 World Cup, we expect to see the emergence of new advanced mobile UGC services featuring advanced streaming video, mobile advertising, location aware, and social networking capabilities,” noted Blin.

The mobile UGC market is expected to grow, gearing up to the 2010 World Cup, which will be hosted in South Africa. By the end of 2013, the total South African mobile UGC revenue will reach a total of $476 million, up from $195 million In 2008.

To realize this potential, the South African mobile market must quickly overcome hurdles that include the small penetration of 3G handsets and services, the lack of robust content filtering capabilities, and the large proportion of low-income customers. Other issues include illiteracy, the myriad of official languages, and the lack of robust mobile entertainment platforms, among others. The report details these hurdles as well as what carriers and third-party companies are doing to meet their associated challenges.

This report, you will be able to answer the following questions:

1. Who are the leading players and services in the South African mobile UGC content/services market?

2. Which companies are currently lagging behind the leading players in the South African mobile UGC content/services market?

3. What are the future mobile UGC services/content likely to be?

4. What are the current and future key drivers in the South African mobile UGC content/services market?

5. Which key issues and inhibitors will need to be overcome before the South African mobile UGC content/services market reaches its full potential?

6. Which business and pricing models should we expect to see in the South African mobile UGC content/services market?

7. Which strategy toward mobile UGC content/services market are the leading players likely to adopt?

Who should buy this report?

Chief Marketing Officers, financial analysts, product managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, Heads of R&D.

Which types of companies should buy this report?

Wireless carriers, handset vendors, startups, wireless infrastructure providers, VC/Private equity firms, investment banks, hedge funds.

Price for the full report (73 pages): $2,500.

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