Technology in healthcare getting primed for it anchor deployment

In the technology world, there is always a silent race to be first to mark. This often leads to replicated effort as different sets of initiatives work towards the same goal without talking to each other and more likely to fall short of the big picture as capacity to scale is almost always limited. This can be seen clearly using the example of  tech in healthcare.

Parallels can be drawn from different industries when  looking at cementing a solution, project or methodology. In real-estate, if you were to build a big mall, you would snag an anchor client to build confidence and attract investment around the property. We seem to have our anchor deployment in the announcement in Q3 of 2012 of the  Kenyatta National Hospital ICT masterplan.

This is exciting as it provides a unified big picture that will direct the development of  smaller type or custom initiatives while hopefully providing access to core data via API’s reducing secondary development budgets and the use of different data formats and standards. At the Connected Kenya Summit held early this year, Kenya’s largest referral hospital made known its intention to digitize 40 million records, with a Rockefeller Foundation funded pilot to start on 4 million of those records. The big picture, broken into 70 projects will take the form of pubic private partnerships with a total estimated cost of USD 50 million.

All players in the healthcare ecosystem would be well advised to digest the master plan and align to it. As an anchor deployment that has both the goodwill and backing of government, donors and private sector, all indicators are that it will become the reference point for all tech based healthcare solutions. Marry that with open data and alignment will ensure that effort is only applied where there is greatest competency. This will also inform where an interested party can plug into the larger plan and fulfill their role comfortably and favorably.

The challenge with large scale multi-partner  PPP projects is the sheer management of the same and it is comforting  that Price Waterhouse Coopers and Accenture are providing direction in this regard.

Once the anchor deployment is underway, the lessons learnt will create a best practice knowledge base that will ensure the trickledown deployments  to county level facilities will be seamless and tear free. Layered access to resultant data will also spur innovation that can only be made possible by access to clean verified data.

Challenges are bound to crop up as with any major technology deployment; but this is one that requires our support from an analysis, monitoring and outright rollout participation perspective.

In the end its really not about the tech; health is a universal need and for that reason only, we cannot allow this masterplan to fail.

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