Technology is about people and relationships

Web technology, began with a focus on information. No dynamism, just basic static content that could be accessed via a connection to the world wide web. With time that content became dynamic and interactive giving the web a new life. High speed connectivity and the advent of the mobile phone and related technologies and the web is no longer about information, but about people.

It is all about you. Your identity follows you and guides your interactions with information. Previously, ones search for information was a siloed experience. You would pop open your browser, open up your favorite search engine and  deep dive into the billions indexed pages. Today, it is possible to find social experiences incorporated into your search experience meaning that greater value is being derived from the way other people are interacting with content.

For businesses chances are higher that information about your product or service is received via a social recommendation meaning that control of your brand experience is no longer in your hands and that you must be careful how you manage first interactions. If I have checked into a restaurant 5 times in a month and shared my action via Foursquare, linking to both Twitter and Facebook, my social circles will first enquire from me why I patronize the place instead of “googling” the restaurant.

With people come relationships and with relationships, the need to communicate. As I am in the business of addressing business, organizational, or individual needs using technology, I am frequently amazed at the metrics that people want to measure success of their platform deployments. If you are a clothing brand, what does  twenty thousand likes on your Facebook page do for your bottom line? So you are about to cross the eighty thousand follower mark on Twitter has that improved how well you engage with them? Or are we just on mini ego trips that have us spewing large numbers in the form of useless metrics that don’t really add value?

Social media strategy, mobile marketing strategy and new media strategy are some of the buzz words that many may hear and not quite understand. The main point about figuring out your strategy on these channels of engagement is to allow you to understand why your consumers are on the platforms that they use and figuring out the best way to tap into that motivation in a way that has ROI – return on innovation.

How are people connected to you or your business? What is the flavor of those connections? Once you understand this, then you will be in a better position to leverage technology to enhance those relationships in a profitable way.

Do not fall into the trap of deploying technology for its own sake.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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