1. in the trenches

    For me, the biggest problem with trying to get the government on board the m-governance bus is that in addition to the human bottlenecks you listed i.e. civil servants monetizing data for their personal use, for me it's not so much the systems that they use (I can work around even excel. Jesus wept!) but large quantities of data are still being captured on paper. I did an informal check, and a semi-productive Govt employees churns out about 20 pages of paper every day. Where's the digitization programs at? I can't even begin to quantify the frustration of finally getting one ministry on board, and then you see their registry. Now factor that info from 80+ districts is not being captured electronically. And you begin to see the herculean task that lies ahead.

    But all is not lost as the public is hungry for this. This stuff sells itself. We might have to do the heavy lifting ourselves and beat this data into shape ourselves (incrementally). It's also a huge pie (including spin-offs from the data), there's really no competition for market share. Virgin market in its non-pristine glory.

  2. Sarah

    I agree with you. First things first – computer literacy. Most civil servants barely know how to operate a computer. Explaining that cobol is expensive…will take time. Let's hope we are not derailed by 'stone-age' matters.

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