1. Julius

    Somebody is trying to get rich quick with this advert. Your expose is too shocking. I don’t concur with you though on the reality of the Omo promotion. I bought a packet of 1kg Omo but any time I send the alphabetic code inside the packet I receive a sorry message for incorrect entry. The customer care on 0729190010have promised to sort out the mess but in vain. What is happening here in Kenya?? Don’t we have effective betting rules and regulations?

    • @ julius – You got through to customer care at least and they moved product so there's clearly sth they are promoting. What did CS say the issue was/is was it just for one entry ama many entries?

  2. Tito

    Saw the ad.. couldnt make sense of it, and obviously, its a con job. Get rich quick scams, but my bet is that greedy kenyans will send those SMSs. gullible as usual

    • Mrs Ochola

      Try and get onto the website..the gibberrish is even more confusing!They have these mediocre animations of cash flying around, amounts flashing on your screen and a 'fly'chick somewhere to complete it! The grammar used was done by someone who did not clearly pass an English exam. My suspicions arise from the lack of credibility around this promo.NMG is doing itself more harm than good in thi 'venture'…

      • Sly

        One thing you all should know as you visit this site complaining how guys are being ripped off Shinda smart guys are winning and guys are being paid I Work and NMG and for sure I have seen the process guys come in they are paid- BCLB guys are there and they walk away happy people I have not participated but for sure guys are being paid truest me you have given Njihia a ride of his life he has never hard so many HITS in the life of this website

          • Sub zero

            question they asked me: Blood is thicker than 1-gas 2-water? I aint smart and all but isn’t blood thicker (read denser) than both gas and blood ??

  3. Today am James

    Am with Julius on the part that he does not agree with you the Omo thing does not add up too i also bought an empty packet when I called BCLB to complain they had not gotten their license by then
    I think and believe that by the time one gets a promotion License they should have some money to show the litmus test will come when the someone wins the money I cant wait to see the 1st 500k 1M,5M or any one walk away with that Car
    i will be back then to give my comments
    Hey Orange has nearly the same thing

  4. Peter

    In as much I am an amature in issues lottery n gambling, I tend to agree with you. They have also put two identical adds on the Nation 31/may/2010. Pgs 7 & 21.

  5. Atemo

    The Advert appeared today as well and were it not for this blog to fafanua I had no idea what it's about how about Nation takes time to THINK before getting into such agreements 1

  6. robin ngari

    Cool thinking Mbugua,the advert was so hazy in terms of print and colour and there is too much info for the common/average Kenyan to understand or take in.

  7. KEVIN

    Ksh.199,800,000.00 looks like the money needed for ref'-feradum. is someone collecting this through NMG ? JUST A THOUGHT.


  8. Titus

    It's an other milking cow from the ignorant public. let the organizers go back to the drawing board to come up with an other con.
    Its a pity.

    • poizon22

      they`ll disguise us by calling the supposed ''winner'' or bring him/her on t.v and its only nothing but kifumba macho my dear friend!!!!!!

  9. kabila

    Aiight! i was among the first to be ripped by this f@**kers. I was drowning my froth when i remembered this shit and i said i should give it a try and exactly at 00:03 hrs, i sent my first text there and there being ripped a ksh60.
    The response came immediately saying, “Karibu,you have 200stand-By Entries.Activate them by answering ur 1st question on 1st June,when 90Million in 90Days STARTS.See http://www.shindasmart,com KES60/sms'' (exact replica of the sms). Their kind of grammar alone makes it smell even fishier! The said website redirects you to another and i didn't find the said activating question!
    As dumb as i might be, i sure know the value of my shilling and i'll soon constitute legal proceedings on Nation media and bclb for fooling kenyans and those shindasmart f@**ers for abetting with NMG to FRAUD US!.

    • Mundu Muiru

      My Oh My! Sure man, this thing stinks of fraud to high heavens. I honestly feel that NMG nad these Flint guys shouldn't go unpunished. Such a reputable media house playing games with our minds? I want to support you in the litigation. Get in touch at mundu.muiru@yahoo.ca any time. You have my support. Mundu

    • Fahrenheits32

      Its a pity Kenyans me included could be coned so easily. Believe it or not I have spent over Ksh.70,000 and have 17million plus so called entries…I have won nothing. And today I have had to do alittle research on this Flint co. and shinda smart assholes… first the web is a mock!…2ndly the chics picking those phones on the other side talk as if they are sleeping or getting screwed, you will ask a Q and they are like “i think …blaa blaa! My God 70,000/= is gone!

  10. Odiiri George

    Give us this money because i do believe those who answer the quetions correctly win.

  11. Kim

    You left out something. The Range Rover sport 2010 is worth 18M for the lowest spec ( confirm with CMC motors). why is this one worth 14 M?

    Secondly, ones you register (worth 60 bob), the first question comes in and you answear another 60 bob out of your wallet, immediately they throw in another question and you answear…….. another 60 bob fly`s away on and on and on. does that thing on pyramid scheme ring a bell?

  12. geoffrey

    how do i know the winners of this competition,and why they are not notifying the winners by calling them?

  13. Beatrice Muthoni

    Nation Media Group has always been part and parcel of Con Artists.Seems the management or Editors are sharing the loot.Why would they accept to work with unscrupulous people?Remember the advert last year offering jobs and thousands were conned each a thousand bob!!!!??.And the jobs with shipping company sometime back.We surely need a credible media house,si nyumba ya wakora kama nation.

  14. Noni

    Come to think of it. I think you’re right. The fine print is too minute to read. Something is not right here

  15. john

    There is this part that eco bank is involved but when i visited them they have no knowledge of such promotion,so wat can we do to nail them?

  16. if you send correct answers to 6969, then you will win.but remmember to send as many answers as possible. its agame and you knw vry well u can either loose or gain.but for this one; we have to win.wow

  17. Truedat

    i tried to understand the ad jana with scattered text all over the page and cdnt i even thot nimekuwa retard. we have a new kamlesh conman-ship at its best a filthy ad done hurriedly by an amateur that's money for some campaign mos def.


    Is the promotion targeting rich pple? surely 60 bob is too expensive to me.I have participated for 2 days and from what the pocket is indicating, it will remain with the Lovington or Kileleshwa pple.How lucky they are!

  19. Truedat

    East Africa Flint Limited A Company with no website while the lottery they are running has a website interestingly fishy

  20. gutsboy

    I totally agree with you Mbugua. This thing is just way too fishy. I find 90 milli is just too much for a software company that I have never even heard of….a close scrutiny of the company's website makes even fishier…who are their clients ? No testimonials, what solutions can be affirmed by any verifiable reference. Iv'e got to follow up on them closely.

  21. poizon22


  22. Mteja

    Man you really have got the chaps in your very superb analytical research, I am impressed. You sound as though you have some beef with them, but nevertheless you have convinced me not to participate. Kudos.

    • @Mteja…no beef. Thing is such models that are overly priced and confusing will only lead to public lethargy in consumption of mobile based text services. I would hate to see a services such as this mess it all up for other legit services, i happen to be a founder member of the Mobile Monday Kenya Chapter. Mobile Monday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

      Mobile Monday has the following objectives:

      * To encourage innovation within the mobile sector.
      * To facilitate networking between small and large companies, and between local and foreign.
      * To help local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices.
      * To present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace.
      * To facilitate and create partnerships.
      * To contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence and media partnerships.

  23. mike

    The treasury does not have money. the NO and YES camp are busy looking for campain monies. What do you expect NMG is a product of politicians. Guys may God help us! I've been con!!!

  24. Kioko

    i have sent several sms,and my conscience fails me,something must be done about this fraud,we will not sit and see Kenyans who work very hard to earn a shilling be conned that easily.

  25. Gitonga

    Ngai!! NTV has ganged up with Nigerians (ECOBANK) to defraud Kenyans!! How can BCLB let this happen??

  26. maina

    Hi ,If this fraud can these guys be arrested ! This cannot be allowed to happen can the daily nation and NTV come out clear on the authenticity of the promoters.I have already sent several and when I say several I mean just that!

  27. jacky

    I totally agree with you, i heve sent like 20 of these sms and noticed that safaricom is not charging 60bob for any of these sms but the normal rate. its a fraud!!!!!

    • guest

      i can confirm that they are charging 60 bob.so please stop misleading others.this could be a chance for someone to make good money, money that can chance lives!!A man who sells DVDs won just yesterday, is he part of the hoax too?

    • Democee7

      Hey jacky, how can u say they are not charging 60bob, and at the bottom of every “correct” sms u receive from them, is even indicated clearly kes60/sms. with 60 value airtime, the msg bounces back- insufficient fund!!!! This is one of the worst scum killing the innocent!!!!

  28. tom

    Remember the overseas jobs where many Kenyans were ripped 10K each? The media was used to advertise and the Government knew what was going on! Be very aware……

  29. I would like to know if this promotion is truly existing,n why have they not give out customer care number?

  30. Daniel

    At 00:00 hrs I think I was the first one to send the sms. Indeed the grammer is wanting too, especially where they say, “The more entries you have, the more times your name into: ” well, into what?????
    I have sent like 12 sms, thats like 720 bob worth of air time. They surely know how to do their thing, every response to an sms starts with an encourager, SMILE!! GREAT!! RIGHT!! YEP!! to deal with your mind set. Then the story of one sms, 20 entries and when you play some question even award 900 entries. Hold on, this is the shenzi type of them all, IF YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME, YOU EARN 200 ENTRIES!!!! Someone needs to alert everybody or they come out clean!!!!

  31. dan

    Imagine i have already been robbed ,wingo took away my good 10k and this ch* t is already gone with over 1k in two days wa i better stop.

  32. rayie

    thanx man for illuminatin this shiiiiit..was jus abt to take an advance loan en drop it..thanx man,i promise you u,u will go 2 heaven direct

  33. kabila

    This is a PARTICIPATERS' BEWARE announcement so please pay some attention (regardless of how much this f@**kers have ripped you)!
    I can't stand and watch as this F@**kers lure innocent Kenyans in to possibly the biggest ripoff in Kenya. I know they're reading this blog. So please people; Don't shy to expose this F@**kers. I'm collecting as much as i can to bring this fools down so please help me.

    • Guest

      Guys I think we are all getting this wrong…its a game, u either join or you don't. We all have a choice here. If you don't feel comfy
      to join then don't. There are real winners and cut these guys some slack. We are seeing a revolution in the gaming world, just depends on how you look at it. i havent tried it, its just by choice.

      • Hey C, kweli. Kuna choice, but does that negate you from identifying sth that could be potentially flawed? Read through again and you will see where the issue really is

      • Patrick

        Hi Guest, I agree with you that it is a game and we have a choice, all we ask is that the game be played fairly(even poker games in Casinos clear rules that are very easy to understand and follow). if they want to scam us, people like NMG should not have anything to do with them because we all NMG as a house of TRUTH and nothing but the Truth.

      • Pearlofnairobi

        Yes it is a game but in this case there is one winner-the master of the game. Even Casino businesses do not have this guarantee that's why they have licenses to operate. the general rule of gambling is that it is supposed to be risky on both ends – that's why its called a gamble…

    • Studentrefunds

      These cunts are corrupt…they'll pay the cops a little of the profit and they'll turn against u for taking them down legally…i think u shud contact the anti-corruption bureau just to be safe…good luck!

    • Johnson Kuria

      Mbugua Umenichanua Daady!…kindly login to their website now and see the winners of 19th July and 21st July this guy is the same. 0n 19th he is P. Owini from Kisumu and on 21st he is R Langat from Kapsabet. My God this is a Scam! Where is CID Hotline!

    • Njoba, the issue is not that there will be no winners. You will have missed the point of it…its in the communication and in the user experience but most importantly pricing. There is a reason why “GameShows” on IVR have gone off the scene.

  34. MARTIN

    i think us kenyans we might be so much fools if for real we continue with shida smart.Can they tell us who are the winners of the last three days that the draw has been running.

  35. mwania

    just the other day before 10am i had just enrolled with my first ksh120 then to receive an sms from them confirming that days winner yet the day was just young what a hoax we kenyans can really fall for

  36. jonah

    This 90 million in 90 days thing is a straight fraud. look at the terms and conditions. You can only win a maximum of 4 draws, not 7. Look at the pricing; KES 60/SMS? Look at the guarantee on the prizes, look at at the grammer on their SMSs. THIS PEOPLE MUST JUST SUED. THE NMG and BCLB must also apologise to Kenyans!

  37. Patrick

    I was believeing in this until I came the following three trivia questions which either had wrong answers or no answers at all then I immediately stopped partiticpating.
    1. Who is the prime minister of Kenya, option 1 was Mudavadi and 2 Raila, I reply with with option 2 and they say I was wrong!!!, Raila, you should shut these people down!!!!
    2. Which sea is between Saudi Aradbia and Egypt option 1. Arctic Ocean, 2. Red Sea, I send Option 2 as the answer and they say I was wrong and the third time,
    Which School is also known as ” Bush” . We all know know that this is Alliance Boys but there was no such answer in the options.

    I think this is the biggest scam ever played to Kenya, I wouldnt be surprised if some of our politicians are behind this to swindle us of our hard earned money with empty promises. Another Golden Berg/Anglo Fleecing!!!!

    Also, for the weekly prize of 1 M they give it to the person with the highest entries as per midnight the previous Sunday. If this is the case, all partiticpants should be able to see the highest number of entries at each particular time without necessarily knowing the name of the sender so that they can compete effectively. Apparently due to ” security” this highest is a secret and only known to the organizers which I think is also bullcrap as they will announce the winner on the media anyway after he has won the million showing his photo to the whole world. Is BCLB reading this ?

    • Patrick

      Another point to prove that this is all scam, they just introduced a new rule this week. For your entries to participate in the daily draws you have to keep on sending SMSes daily otherwise your entrues are not included in daily draws if you did not activate for that particular day. Which fair game changes rules every day ??

  38. domi

    its a fraud alright…sent an answer to question..when was jaramogi oginga odinga born? 1.1923 2.1910….there is no right answer as he was born in 1912 but since 1910 is closer i chose 2 but was told its a false anwer…they just stole my 60 bob.

  39. Kat

    Yes me agrees..i sent an sms one day and now i get sms daily telling me who won how much and for it to be me, i should answer my last question..that question is what i dont know..checked online no questions to answer..so yes its a BIG HOAX

  40. Landrewk2001

    i have done like 30 entries and i still have a great feeling am being cheated then I read this blog and am now sure this is a con. NMG shud come clean on this. for sure there is something not straight about it. how can someone be having 10 thousand entries and you keep topping up with 2000 entries after a supposed answer is right some of which are fishy. isnt bush school, alliance. not Limuru girls?

  41. Edward babu

    Hey guys,i don't understand this 90m in 90 days.Could this winners they tell us about be among the scamers?This one resembles the patapata scams played in our local market places,where,mamas are conned of their hard earned cash.They place their people in strategic places who pose as gamers.

  42. john mwaniki mathu

    the game is fairy done you either gain or you lose guy stop commenting on foolish way may the lord bless those who are trying there luck

  43. Waguthi2

    i think I am one of the Kenyans who have been fooled by this Shinda smart game. I use kes. 1,000.00 per day for 4 days now, but till now nothing has happened. How many sms's is one supposed to send???. Your right this is a right rip off and I would like to know how much money the winners used before they were announced as winners.

    • Patrick

      Hi Winnie, the first Lady just won today, probably the wind of luck has now turned to Ladies :-)!!!!

  44. estheranyango

    I am a subscriber to the promotion and so far garnered almost 290,000 entries.I do not know how the winners are picked but I want to believe that given the high sms rate of ksh60 per an sms there are not many people who have registered as many entries.Apart from that I am disappointed that some of the answers I have give I have told are wrong yet I know they are correct eg when was Jaramogi Oginga Odinga born?(1 )1923 (2)1910,How provinces in Kenya?I answered 1910 and for the first and 8 for the second and told wrong!

    • Pearlofnairobi

      Once sec…. you spent 2900(if each entry has 100 points)x60= Kshs 174,000 on an sms promotion?Girl, you crazy?! So your phone bill to the mobile service provider has a credit limit of? so you paid a deposit to the mobile subscriber of? and if you did this pre- paid the math is just daunting!

  45. Oronje

    The Daily Nation is a respected paper in this country. If somebody is using it to con Kenyans of their hard earned money then it is too sad. I thought that the Daily Nation is just giving back to society a little of their profits in the year. If it turns out to be conning, God forbid. Remember there are other dailys too. Our government needs to be cautious and do everything possible to protect the common mwananchi

  46. Elizabethwaithera


  47. Patrick

    Another hoax today. they ask you to send a number for non-participating person and win 25k entries outrightly, immediately you send this number you get a reply saying that you only received 5000 entries and you will only get the other 20k once that person registers and starts to play. So, people, please tell me what this is if it is not a massive scam to rob kenyans of the little money they still have in their coffers, why not just say at the beginning the ditribution of these points, do we really have BCLB in this country or they also partners in this crime!!!

  48. maina

    cm'on guys,life's a gamble of choices…..u either make the right ones or the wrong ones but at the end of the day u live with them…remember smthing about risk takers and success.only reason am in this is coz i don't want to look back on Aug 28 and wish i had tried!

    • Jacq…they do exist. Dont be mistaken about the fact that there will be winners. The winners are real and legitimate guys as you can see on tv et al. Its very unfortunate that most people dont see the “issue” here. Keep well

      • Reg45

        Mbugua, why are correct answers turned down? When you call them they say technicians will correct in 48hrs, u will wait till the game is over!!! How real can unfair game be? if my chances of winning are increased by my entries, then no winner was a real winner. Grrrrrrr!!!

  49. wilson

    Iam a victim of this 'promotion' and after being duped of a few hundred of kshs, i smelled a rat and something in me told me there was something wrong. They even sent me an sms to tell me that in this game there is no luck and only the one with the highest points wins.I stopped playing and iam glad others have realise that this is a rip off. It is unfortunate that such tricksters are allowed to steal from innocent wanainchi.Remember how past pyramids lords like DECI con kenyans in the past.Kenyans lets wake up.

  50. Skbd12

    90 million in 90 days promotion is BOGUS . After registering 15,000 entries my 15 SMSs were blocked On last Sunday night around 10 pm i called safaricom customer care The lady Ms Ann picked the phone while discussing the issue with her she was confused and stressed she disconnected my phone. I asked her to give me physical address of so called PROMOTION PEOPLE she failed to give me physical location of these PROMOTERS I blasted the lady Ann and told her how come a reputed company like Sfaricom does not know where so called PROMOTERS' office located ? she gave me the phone no 254 20 2712233 and she disconnected the line After 45 minutes around 10. 45 pm I called safaricom customer care again because after talking to customer care representative of Safaricom Ms Ann out of 15 SMSs sent by me on 6969 which were pending since last 5 days , 9 were forwarded but there was not a SINGLE SMS REPLIED BY SO CALLED PROMOTERS . When I called again Mr.Lion received my phone as a safsricom customer care representative He also failed to provide PHYSICAL ADDRESS OF PROMOTERS OF 90 MILLION IN 90 DAYS
    I have been trying to call 254 20 2712233 given to me by sfaricome customer care representative Ms Ann but my all efforts are in vain I lost confidence in promoters and now I FORCED TO BELIEVE THAT THIS A KIND OF CHEATING WITH KENYAN WANANCHI

    Dave sk

  51. Omukhana

    Why can't this scam be highlighted in all media? Everyone needs to know .I only came across this blog today as I was looking for the schemer's website. Kenyans have so many problems and hope to make a buck from here or there even if its from gambling.Poor us, we only end up being conned big time. No wonder they keep sending sms enticing you to keep trying your luck even when they know hauna chako!!!!! Kwani how many sms did someone with 179,0000 entries send? I'm glad mine never fikad that much even though I was still conned.

  52. Carolinendilo

    id sniffed shit all around the advert the first time i heard of it,bt when i saw it in naton media i argued how can such a reputable house be affiliated wth fraudsters………so i joined but i had issues with he 60bob levy esp when you do the maths ………….but the biggest thing that troubles my mind is who are behind this and whatproduct are they promoting……….if this is a scam then NMG should be the first to go down

  53. Wayamuli

    I CANT UNDERSTAND ALL THIS.i thought its winning real stated money.you have killed my positive spirit.
    shadrack muli-mombasa 0724107522

  54. Linnet

    Can 6969 tell how many entries each winner holds at the time of winning because i have over 278,000 entries and have never won???? Linnet

  55. Kamnda

    it looks fishy,you answer a question correct answer when they are promising a higher number of entries only to get a false notification with 20 points

  56. Liz

    Guys talk of it being a ripp off, wait til u hear how many entries i have, a bluddy [1,707,300 entries] en havent won a thing, now this is a jokeeeee. whoever is behind this? if its a scam, ITS SUCH A PITY FOR US.SHAME, SHAME,SHAME.

  57. Joe Akidade Amiani

    I think i wont give up, i'll keep on trying till the end. i'll one time have my chance of winning.

  58. Antonico

    Hey, they made agreat full out of me! I learnt about it afew days back,it looked pretty lucretive that made me to think of givin it atrial. My worry is, why is it that everyday's winner is the Ngugi's n Waweru,s? This is aclear fraud!

  59. Rolex

    Should this be ascam or fraud for that matter,i'll take away my credit from NMG n i'll hate them forever for assistin in cornin me!

  60. Luhar

    I think there is dirty play i have noticed were it is i shall gather evidence and prove it soon.


  61. Mine_ah!

    Scam or no Scam I think it was a brilliant idea. if you get 1 million subscribers who send at least 3 texts, let us assume that they get half the amount of charged for a text i.e. Kshs 30 per text.

    Meaning 30*1,000,000 = 30,000,000 and they have sent 3 messages minimum ~ 90,000,000. They will have already made the money to pay out and the rest that they make is for them.

    I have looked for pictures or something on the people who have won on the net, but clearly …….

    If you want to join I will tell you go ahead and try your luck you may win or you may not win. Just ask yourself if the money you are investing into a 50/50 chance is money that you can afford to loose or give away.

    If so, you can always give it to me 🙂 I wish you the best and after reading all this and still deciding that you want to play well GOOD LUCK you will sure need that.

    Statistics show that the people who have won the lottery have always ended up poorer than they were before they won

  62. Treborbotto

    If it is not ascum why dont they tell us how many entries those who are winning have.Iha3,000,000entries since.when the first winner pocketed 5,000,000 Ihad 1,700000entr.why do they keep on changing the rules.they talke of draws then the person with highest entries then to keep our phones open from9-11am what are all these can they clarfy which is which intheir true colour

  63. Omukhana

    These guys are truly annoying with their smses every other minute.I guess the numbers who are still participating have dwindled so much and they are now quite desperate to get those easy Shs.60 they made at the start of the game.I'm not sending any “STOP” sms to them, coz that will cost me a further 60 bob.So they send me an sms, and I delete without even reading it.Its their turn to lose too!!!!!!!!

  64. wilson odundo otieno

    It is true some of the questiopns even after cinfirming the correct answeres (googled from the internet still they say it is fall after spending 1,000 bob plus on th sms's this I think is a way they to frustrate you. eg. the nearest planet to ther sun 1-pluto 2- mercury scientific research pluto does not exist as planet so the nearest planet to earth is mercury and this guys being more specialised in solar systems than the scientist them selfs are saying no.

  65. Jane

    Hi,this is a game like any other whether it is a scam or not,why do you bother to enter and play.Is life not one Big Risk,so keep quiet and stop being so negative.I do not mind using up a few shillings and find out what I am getting into then have someone tell me what the game is like.We are adults and the prerogative is ours.They have got one or two questions wrong,e.g.which one has multiple stomachs.Cow or Camel.Answer is non have, both have one stomach,four compartments,I was not able to answer that question…and a few others.Whether I lose or win,I have had fun at the expense of 60shs per text sent.Jane.

  66. Nyambura wa Mungai

    I would really like to know how they also determine who has won and what it takes for one to win. I am continuously hearing horror stories of people who spent so much on this competition and got nothing in return but empty pockets. It is just sad that shaddy companies like this one are getting an easy time conning poor Kenyans who are just trying to make a quick buck.

  67. This is just one of the many promotion scams in Kenya. Remember the Safaricom ponyoka na pickup scam, where they insisted on saying the occupations of the winners? And they all turned out to be charcoal sellers, gunia traders, etc, all in the name of one big PR exercise

  68. Okeyoema

    l joined the shinda smart game alright but like others b4 me l`m also feeling like l`m back to the `pyramid scheme` which ripped some of us lots of money. Surely when u watch a reputable TV channel like NTV ( my favourite ) u can`t have doubts and l still want to give the organizers of the game some benefit of doubts and l believe the best will come out the winner. I also hope the winners are being picked electronically. Let them warn the public incase there are conmen trying to rip the public coz some questions don`t add up or rather the choices given in some questions i.e the chairman of athletics kenya. Choices given were all wrong. Is someone out there listening or are people asleep at the BCLB OR WHO DO WE TURN TO incase it is a hoax? As usual seems like we are on our own.


  69. luhar

    This is a scam a reputable TV STATION AND NEWS PAPER are doing it in partnership there is evidence the winners are there own selected people it is disappointing our trust is being betrayed let us wait to see the final winner than we shall send the evidence to KACC for further action.

  70. Kamau Steve

    sample this “EXTRA 1,000,000 Entries for you! There is no wrong answer! Kamau, Please tell us do you live in urban or rural area? 1-Urban 2-Rural.Reply with 1 or 2 only. (26thAug.2010 13.37)
    I got these shocking reply.
    Sorry, ur wrong.Earn 20Entries. U'll get the next 1! U Have 667,…,… Ents. Can you resist bla bla bla ………
    How how how. Kuna mtu ataenda mahakhamani soonest.

  71. Zohra Baraka

    You have said very good points. I have been trying to send msgs to 6969 but in vain. At times one answers the right question and it is replied as wrong. At times the entries that are promised to be given with correct answers are not given. I do not have any body I know who has won. The way the ruffle is done I do not understand at 6.45pm everyday. On the web site the promoters say they cant give winners number of entries. Why do we have winners from same region and not from other parts of Kenya. It is demoralizing.

  72. Meshmwanzia

    these fa*gots are shafting kenyans.pyramid schemes came n went,who is behind these, i fear the same old cons are doing it with impunity-as always.When will the poor financial laymen be protected from the the patnis n their gangs.

  73. guest

    hahaa problem with most Kenyans is that they don’t understand this…’WAJINGA NDIO WALIWAO’…clearly you all had/have a choice. they did/will not come to your house and pick your phone and send the text for you. face the music now and dance to your stupidity.

  74. I HATE 6969

    Des want to stop 6969 daily messages!!! have tried to send ‘STOP’ to 6969…. is will not go through!!!! any advice appreciated.

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