1. RM

    Change is inevitable. Imagine being a foreigner living here and having to start with a taxi guy proposing 1500 for a CBD-Kilimani fare, wasting 10 minutes arguing him down, risking being late to your next meeting, and still feeling like you are paying 100 too much. They are losing to Uber because they are a cartel who treat customers like dirt.

  2. stanley

    Almost launching our coalition loyalty App (Two4one) bt I can start to feel some resistance developing and foul play by some of our competitors

  3. Dane Cook

    Very well articulated! No other disruptive technology has really shaken up the Kenyan economy until Uber. Let’s all chorus the anthem; adapt or !

  4. Cs9259

    I do think – nay, I forecast – we will have our own local version of this Uber thing, where we shall out compete them with our innovation and send both them and EasyTaxi wondering what just happened….time is ripe even for more disruption!

  5. Reigning in on unregulated sector shall be met with brute,unless it’s effected and my guess is not in the near future ,uber success shall be a pipe dream.Transport industry is owned and ran in a system akin to the mafia!The uber concept is remarkable but the milieu is unfavorable.

  6. Kipkemei K Kitur

    Technology is revolutionizing service delivery in a way never seen before. You don’t fight change. You change, Adapt and Innovate.
    What experience constantly teaches us is that If you stand still long enough, life will knock you down. That is what is happening to Taxi Owners in Kenya. When Kenyans were adapting to changes in technology, the taxi owners association sat comfortably and kept on moving on with a method that has been passed by time. Its time they fought by adapting and innovating.

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