1. Joram Mwinamo

    very interesting, and that only looks at one part of the supply chain, i believe if you look at other inefficiencies, the amount could be double or triple(corruption,lost man hours, lost traffic hours,pilferage,robberies and not to mention HIV transmission health costs etc)In other words we have a highly inefficient economy which ICT can help in but also every other player can add to the efficiency.Imagine if we had trains to kigali from mombasa, how much do you cut off?

    • I concur, the numbers can get really big and some offices will get asked some hard questions as well. Your take on HIV would be an interesting observation for MoH

  2. Mutuota

    First time am reading your blog but certainly the first of many. Very good insights. Say, are there any mobile technologies or platforms that support trade? We can start with the transit process, tracking it through GPS and mobile telephony would be a great idea to see how the value chain clog amounts to added costs to the consumer. Such data would definately be worthwhile to the policy and decision makers (not that they don’t know). On a commercial end, how about having a platform that gives the say a fleet owner visibility? Just thoughts. As said, just started out on this space but look forward to learning more. Keep up

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