What is a sticky app and why you should care?

I have something in the kitchen coming out real soon and i though it best to share a resource that will help zero in on what to look at when creating a sticky mobile product.
Four things…

1. Plan

– Find a niche, fill it well.
– Talk to people about their needs. They don’t necessarily match yours.
– Start with your idea for a product. Look at what problem it is trying to solve. Then look to other solutions that could solve it. Then, finally, pick the best idea. It might not be your original.
– Think multi-platform
– Think about shareable, and socially-contextual applications

2. Design

(its starts with a good ol pencil, nice large blank or graded paper and some colored pens)

– Build a useful, usable, engaging product.
– Bring users into the design process early and often. Test the concept/initial design. Create a prototype. Test it. Create an Alpha / test it… Beta test.
– Build it to be beautiful or otherwise emotionally engaging.
– Don’t punish your users with poor quality design, including slow speed, battery use, control lags.
– Think years, not weeks, of use


– Ensure good quality, as measured by speed, bugs, efficiency, usability
– Think multi-platform (many mobile platforms)
– Select your platform based on how well the app store works, pricing models at the store (not too many)


– Talk to your users! (app, push, txt, email)
– Use your analytics to optimize your app, not just your advertising.
– Create an upgrade process that allows users to keep their settings.
– Word of mouth advertising not just for purchases, but for ongoing use.
– Make it viral by making it easy to share, email. Talk to the god particles in your network

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