Wireless broadband

We are working on a branding and design project for a wireless communication provider Sovaya. Their entry products to the Kenyan market is a wireless broadband service which you pay as you use and a remote surveillance service for the home or office environment. The beauty of the broadband service is that there are no installation or miscellaneous costs. Most laptops, desktops etc come equipped with a wireless device, and if not the going market price is round about 2,5oo Ksh (USD 36 ). So you need to get online, you just do, and you pay for only what you use…no standard monthly charges etc.

For surveillance, it is pretty simple. Place the wireless IP cameras in your home, factory or business and be in two places at once! Know what is going on in your office, factory or home when your not around.

In the Business daily today  – Ken Wood, the managing director of G4S, a private security company,  said premises access control systems in Kenya are generally “weak”, adding that more often than not, unwanted people are able to get into premises.r Wood said companies should invest in high quality coloured close circuit cameras (CCTVs) which are more effective.

Problem with CCTV is that the stored content is usually stored in a nearby location if not the same location. With IP based surveillance the feed is stored miles away and can be accessed from remote locations. Makes for better security dont you think?

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