World Summit Award launches WSA-mobile, dedicated explicitly to selecting and promoting the world’s best m-Content

New times bring new challenges. Today, in terms of access, mobile usage has outgrown Internet usage by threefold with more than 4.4 billion connections registered around the world to date. Mobile phones are becoming smarter, while touch screens are revolutionizing what can be done with them. They are undoubtedly becoming more intimate and most used by all age groups across their life span.We do more and more in using mobile phones with many essential tasks becoming unthinkable without them. We have simply entered the age of mobile applications and mobile content.

As a response to this rapid development and focus change on the content scene world wide, the World Summit Award (WSA) – world’s leading initiative to select and promote the Best in e-Content and innovative applications – has started the WSA-mobile. The new award has been launched in June 2010 and is dedicated explicitly to selecting and promoting the world’s best m-Content.

With great support of The Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC) as the main partner, the World Summit Award and it’s global network will use 10 it’s years experience and expertise to answer the main question: “What is really out there in the mobile world, which today might still be inside of a few creative minds, but can become our every day life tomorrow?

Check out more here – The deadline for submissions is the 16th of September. Kinda latched late on this one as it kicked off in June

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