1st International Conference on “M4D” | Centre for HumanIT Karlstad University

The SPIDER workshop held at the M4D 2008 conference in Karlstad December 11-12, 2008, will build directly on the Kampala workshop, identifying actors within the SPIDER network that can contribute to filling out some of the gaps identified in Kampala. The Karlstad workshop will have as its goal to discuss the Kampala outcomes as well as define projects and draft proposals for funding where this is necessary.

In particular, the goals of the Karlstad workshop are the following:

  • Bringing the knowledge and experiences presented in Kampala to Sweden
  • Experts (academics and practitioners) within SPIDER’s network + some additional experts meet around the Kampala theme
  • Selected project ideas/proposals raised in Kampala are investigated and discussed to form strategic alliances with already formed groups in East Africa for further collaboration.

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