The Connected Government Workshop

Connected Government Summit has three main objectives. The first is to build capacity of the senior government officials in the implementation of ICT projects towards their transformed public services provision. The second, to increase the understanding of the participants of shared services, managed services and Public Private Partnership rules as well as their potential for supporting transformation in ICT projects. Lastly, the Connected Government Summit aims to provide a platform for the senior government officials to network with each other and to form lasting fruitful relationships for future partnerships with the various companies represented.

This is the second year that Kenya ICT Board will host the Connected Government Workshop. The workshop is the brainchild of the board in consultation with industry players and key government decision makers aimed at establishing a platform for collaboration, capacity building and priority sharing between the government and the IT sector with a view of connecting and hastening implementation of government IT projects to world class standards.

The Connected Government 2009 workshop was exceptionally successful with substantial outcomes highlighting areas for partnership and collaboration in delivering services to citizens. The theme of the workshop was ‘managed services’.

This year, the proposed theme is ‘Maximizing the value of public sector shared services’. With this in mind the main objective for shared services in government being an increase efficiency, reorganize and reuse assets, avoid duplication of effort, share investments and implement best practice. Furthermore, the implementation of shared services will encourage the development of closer cross-ministerial collaboration by facilitating the sharing of information.

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