KORDA Cancer Research

The Kenya Oncological Research Database aims to develop a platform for multi-collaborator, multi-centre collation of data on cancer patients detailing their characteristics, initial diagnosis and laboratory investigation results.

The advances achieved in the developed countries have been made through the use of information technology in multi-disciplinary collaborative settings. The recording of detailed information regarding patient characteristics, initial work-up and diagnosis, treatment, short-term and long-term patient outcomes provides clues to disease causation and informs advances into the hereditary nature of disease, screening of high-risk individuals, the effects of co-morbidities and the psychosocial aspects of treatment. An increasing research focus is the ability to predict individual outcomes and the response to treatment. Data on detection and treatment of CRC in Kenya is scarce and if available could then be compared with documented standards to identify deficiencies and provide opportunities for change that improve patient outcomes.

This model is intended to define generalizable and flexible protocols for the expansion of the collation dataset to include proteomics and genomics, to allow for the addition of other disease types to the database and connecting other healthcare institutions to the existing framework as well as interfacing with similar networks inter-continentally. Future initiatives could apply the system to create effective, efficient virtual repositories of data on other non-communicable diseases available for research.



We are busy creating a platform that will improve access to health related information and services in emerging markets. As the worlds population hits 7 billion in October of 2011, and with 15% of that population residing in Africa, one of the greatest challenges that remains is good health. That majority of deaths are from preventable causes means that meeting the Millennium Development Goals may prove difficult unless we empower the citizens of Africa with the tools that will enable them lead healthy lifestyles.


That we need to be self sustaining in matters concerning food is obvious, I am working towards contributing to a food secure Kenya, by exploring better and more efficient farming methods and value addition to raw produce.