I used to believe…I still do believe

I used to believe I could get anyone to do anything for me, essentially to align them to my vision, to get them to march to the beat of my drum to get them to join me in war and the subsequent  victory… since I never lose (yes, I never lose). Nature was and still is my ally in this concept that I have chosen to own.When I embarked on my journey as an entrepreneur…the world…read as corporations conspired to show me that I could not get them to do my bidding…I could not get them aligned to my vision, I was change that was unwelcome because I challenged the way they did business…the way they thought…the way they had been trained and brought up. (Keep up with me here)
Why? Their systems and processes are rigid and have been in place since forever. Their inflexibility blinds them to change and reason. When stress ( read as innovation) is applied and the element (read as corporation) is inflexible…it snaps.

Nature is flexible in nature (pun intended) and will change and adapt to given situations. That is why that river you studied in geography meanders – by going around difficulties and where it can, it will erode the rock and chart its own path.

This applies not just to business but to life. We have all been socialized differently and in this global village we will interact with different people different cultures. Our ability to adapt to new experiences allows us the opportunity for growth, and growth with understanding at that. Without which we will snap…as is happening now.

As a budding writer Binti shared with me…systems, processes, policies and structure were made by man to guide man in his quest to move forward. When these systems “stop working” man essentially also stops…progress henceforth will depend on how the system or thought process  gets adapted or discarded and new ones created…
This is a universal principle.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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