Looks like a good year for mobile…developmentwise

Google’s new Android operating system shows promise for bringing terrific experiences. Based on what Google has already shown us, the user experience was front and center during product design. Add to this the openness of the new platform allowing developers to build the best apps without restrictions.

Yahoo! released a new version of Go, a free download for your mobile that brings together all of the Y! services into one slick application. This app also allows developers to create widgets that plug-in to the Go framework. While the 3.0 version doesn’t yet work on my Windows Mobile device, I was really happy with it’s predecessor and this new one looks to fix my core issue: customizing functionality. Offering an application framework that will work on EVERY smartphone, instead of focusing on one carrier or device is a good move.

Microsoft is working on Windows Mobile 7. Screenshots and interaction models have been leaked, showing a bunch of great improvements. Of course, Microsoft is borrowing a bit from Apple and the iPhone with a touchscreen and accelerometer. I am a fan the WinMo operating system, having worked with HTC for a bit and used an 8525 for the last year. I think we’ll start to see some interesting multi-touch coming to mobile from the Surface UX team up in Redmond.

All three of the the big guys above are poised to bring some terrific innovations to users. What I am most excited about, however, is what smaller groups are doing right now. There’s .NET, Java and Ajax developers building tons of great, small apps for respective mobile platforms.

Local executions would be interesting…

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