Quick thoughts on current operator wars

Threw the question out to a seasoned telco executive – Whats your take on the current operator wars?

In not so many words: Bad for business but good for strategy students. Safcom have lost the advantage they had on price perception. Zain has gained the price perception advantage and taken the lead. Safcom have become followers. Game has changed. Territory ni ya bharti. New field for safcom. Zain had better have cash for the fight. Safcom has war chest just never been used.
•    strategy – zain wins
•    response and speed to market – safcom & yu
•    overall gain –  consumer
•    overall loss –  orange
•    overall winners – cck as regulators.
1.    challenge for sms based businesses like yours Mbugua
2.    challenge for PRSP’s in general
3.    sms aggregators have cost issues
4.    new area for fights is data/content

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