Idd Salim Kithinji, in equal part #CodeNinja, #DotingFather and #GoodFriend

You had to know him to know him.

Our paths crossed back in ’97 as rabbles at Starehe Boys Center.
Razor sharp wit and going for the jugular on the written word endeared him and his blog – Thus Spaketh to thousands, yet a super chilled out guy in spoken word, a perfect ying and yang

Salim, I remember

  • going to baraza at Starehe (the house where we grew) and saying some guys (you) were hogging computers when their time was up before break I wanted to skip break and shika shika those CRT’s
  • you skiving rollcall invoking those pseudo priviledges za computer room supervisor
  • your love for balls…football crazies and you sipping on a Red Bull making short work of peeps in both Nairobi and Kampala at pool
  • cussing whenever Sports Rd had a power black out because those Telkom servers had AA batteries for backup
  • taking Anastacia and her sisters to their new airconditioned apartment on Mombasa road Parkside Towers
  • staying late at Standard Investment Bank hacking Sembuse…and it working
  • having Napers call from SA and we thinking…bassssss pesa hizo
  • the meeting at the green boy when peeps laughed at our audacity at cannibalizing sms
  • kissing ass at Safaricom after the mention of an Mpesa hack was misconstrued, and Bob Collymore coming into a meeting and saying “These guys don’t look like terrorists!”
  • going to Uganda to sort out M7 on platforms
  • loosing 2 million bob and still held our heads up high, we lived to see another day
  • you telling me you had met this “billionaire” who would sort us on growth capital needs but ended up being such a disappointment
  • you missing the girls – Venessa and Shazma so much when they were in Uganda you were calling literally everyday
  • dealing with potato and wheat money that came in a tweed jacket and safari boots
  • having not-so angel investors for that World Cup gig…those guys lakini
  • the boys we met…the one’s with dad’s money talking big
  • your tweef with Alai, glad the term nemesis was dropped
  • putting wads in the toilet because after all its just money and it follows passion…and that we had loads of
  • having an ideas board that would quite literally be wiped clean every three days, sometimes the world wasn’t ready and sometimes the ideas were plain foolish
  • you teasing that I should just get myself a wife and kids and quit holding out, Vanessa and Shazma needed playmates they could relate to
  • your obsession with the number 13
  • thinking, if like Moses, we would never see the promised land after years in the desert aka hustling
  • sometimes we did ties, but many times it was just t-shirt and jeans
  • your cryptic and not so cryptic status updates
  • agreeing to disagree and being cool with it
  • lunches with the fam at mine (looked at the videos and one Shazma was bopping to JayZ made me smile)
  • tech jargon infused conversations when talking about the ladies
  • pushing you and Ruto to be ready for the big meeting
  • you saying “Haina noma”

My last words to you before I left for Mombasa last week on Thursday was – ” Connected the dots“.
This is as incomplete and as complete as it is…

Good times we had my friend, a good run. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

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