1. Ken Mathenge

    I don’t even know how to begin to describe KIS. From the time we began developing the gym software in 2001, to the time we were housemates in Zimma. Idd was brilliant when it came to writing code.

    I remember our first company called KenGeeks & clients thought it was a combination of our 2 names and used to call him Geeks.

    I remember us tarmacking in Westie trying to sell software to people who did not appreciate what we had to offer.

    Just last week we talked about the big project he had landed and I was really happy for him. Life is so unfair.

    Rest In Peace Idd Salim Kithinji. Till we meet again kid bro.

  2. Ismail

    Inalillahi waina Illahi rajiun , what a loose . I was a follower of your blog , and once recommended a colleague of my to read it .It so happened that he wrote you about some business project , and the next day your an article about him ,satirizing. May Allah give you Jannatul Firdaus

  3. Old Starehian

    Inallilahi wa Inaillahi Rajiun. Long followed his career by way of his blog. Met him in Starch as a rabble. He was very confident and enthusiastic about the tech world and one of the people who I knew would do well for themselves as he was driven, passionate about coding and had the guts to succeed. I envied you Salim for living your dreams when I was too afraid to live mine. You shone bright, you lived by what you believed and you were a true success story. Your code lives on.

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