Free the enterprise!

I read an article late last year that had Bob Collymore, head of Kenya’s largest telco by customers and revenue quoted as saying that his cash cow Mpesa, of mobile money fame is a clumsy product that risks being dethroned from its currently leading and enviable position. You know what? I actually agree with his … [Read more…]

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We are made up of data and transactions


Today, I feel like waxing philosophical, coming out of an intense two week period where a number of fledgling enterprises that I am involved in, were forced to rethink their strategy and market potential at a time where everything and everyone is getting disrupted and commoditized on the back of cheaper storage, faster processing power, … [Read more…]

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Privacy, what privacy

We are digital exhibitionists, a society crazed with placing bits and pieces of our personal lives online for all and sundry to indulge in, chasing the fickle like, thumbs up or re-tweet. The global platforms on which we share our intimate selves are loving it, more fodder for their advertising cash cows and investor decks … [Read more…]

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