The road less traveled by mobile network operators

The recent mobile price wars have sparked a lively debate both on and offline with people aligning themselves along various schools of thought, trying to dissect the moves by the three underdogs – Zain, Orange and Yu. While most of the discussions are from a consumer perspective, where cheaper may be considered better, we need to look at the ecosystem that has become part of our daily lives more closely to appreciate the factors at play and perhaps project what the space will look like in another five years.

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The Orange game play, operator wars continue

Orange today announced the lowest on net tariff of Ksh 2/-  and slashed its off net tariff to Ksh 4/- for its GSM customers following the revision of interconnection rates by the Communications Commission of Kenya. The new tariff also comes with an additional benefit of free calls from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. for only Ksh 100 top up per month across all Orange networks such as Orange mobile, Orange wireless and Telkom Fixed (landline).

Effective today midnight, both Orange GSM post and pre- paid customers will enjoy a new call and SMS rates of  Ksh 2.00 per minute for calls and Kshs 1 for SMS whereas calls to other networks will be charged at Ksh 4/- per minute and Ksh 2/- per SMS respectively. Continue reading The Orange game play, operator wars continue

How I would like Safaricom, Airtel,Orange and Yu to engage:co-creation and testing with real end users

Recognizing that many development companies may not have specialized marketing people or the resources to conduct formal research,Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu can help fill this gap by opening up access to their customer base to encourage co-creation and testing with real end users, free of charge.

That said, developers need to figure out how to make their applications stand out from the crowd. Giving your app away for free doesnt mean a damn thing and won’t hack long term. This is business…at least I want to make some chingching. If there is no emotional or financial bond between your application and the user…then your sunk even if you were to pay guys to use your app :-(

Key to ensuring your app will appeal to consumers is working directly with your intended audience at an early stage. Why waste time and effort if you don’t have an understanding of the following critical questions:

  • Which features will make a difference to people?
  • What is your addressable market?
  • How much are people prepared to pay you for your trouble, if anything?

Whats the point in working on a closet killer application that is not so killer once you go to market coz you essentially build a product for yourself? #sadbuttrue

Maybe a mobile subscriber volunteer initiative that would see developers get access to real world users to test their apps. The feedback would be vital to the creation of sticky mobile utilities.

Safaricom is going 4g, Airtel just got 3g…Orange…are on the same bus. And big brother CCK is bringing number portability.Now what…?

The battle for ARPU has everyone touting  their latest acquisitions – pun intended. Using the analogy of Westlands bound matatus…everyone just got a 56 seater save for Micheal Joseph who is going for the full blown 100 seater bus…dubbed 4G courtesy of the panel beating shop called Huawei.

The transport industry in Kenya is much like its sister telecommunication … and the telco guys could learn a thing or two from. Guys will take the matatu with the most features and comfort; after all…don’t all matatus and buses have seats as default offering in this post Michuki state? Continue reading Safaricom is going 4g, Airtel just got 3g…Orange…are on the same bus. And big brother CCK is bringing number portability.Now what…?