The 1 thing you must do right on mobile

Three days to the much anticipated Saba Saba date (7th July 2014) millions of mobile consumers received a message from the Inter Religious Council of Kenya approved by the Communications Authority. The lash back on social media was expected but in my opinion misdirected as most of the “feedback” was laced with emotion due to the historical and current sensitivities surrounding the date. It does however offer the opportunity to dissect best practice when it comes to the mobile channel with education to consumers, businesses and even government as an imperative. Life is indeed mobile, with the device having become part of our daily lives. For any intrusion into this life to be tolerated; it must be anticipated and approved making consumer onboarding the most important element of any mobile strategy. Continue reading The 1 thing you must do right on mobile

Tooling technology for SME’s

Small and Medium sized enterprises the world over are backbone of the economy yet many times have the odds stacked against them on many fronts. Big enterprises often have a technology arsenal at their disposal whether playing in agriculture, manufacturing and even services. In this arsenal you will find Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, Customer Relationship Management portals among others, unique to the industry. The total cost of ownership has been very prohibitive in the past with vendors such as Oracle, Sales Force and SAP creaming the market on deployment and annual license fees. Continue reading Tooling technology for SME’s

A primer to mobile value added services in Kenya

An addressable market of over 30 million is sure to attract the attention of many entrepreneurs, and indeed it has. The mobile value added service industry in Kenya generates billions in gross revenue annually, making bank for mobile operators, licensed providers and third parties who leverage connectivity infrastructure offered by the providers.

The nature of the business model is revenue share, meaning on any given transaction revenues are split either two or three ways with a bulk of the revenue for many services going the operator’s way based on the cascading volume model adopted.   Continue reading A primer to mobile value added services in Kenya

The mobile ecosystem gravy train

Without a doubt the most awaited corporate report this month was that of local mobile operator Safaricom, and the results did not disappoint and pointed to the evolving and cash rich ecosystem that is mobile.The factors that lead and will continue to lead bottom-line growth for those invested in one way or another in mobile are in plain sight for the discerning. Continue reading The mobile ecosystem gravy train

The changing dynamics of the conversation economy

Conversation powers everything, from business, government, wars and everything in-between.  It would therefore suffice to say that he who controls the tools of communication or leverages them well will find both power and fortune.  Telecommunication companies have been in the sweet spot as far back as markets will remember, more so after the switch to mobile. That enviable position has over the last few weeks seen a growing number of well-heeled messaging suitors, flush with cash – from their own innovative monetizing strategies or high value buyouts shaking the cash cow foundations. WhatsApp’s  $ 19 billion buyout, Telegrams benefit from the visibility, Rakuten’s  $ 900 million spend on Viber, Line from Asia with a + $200 million annual revenue rake. Mxit’s continued growth among many other services taking a swipe at the telco billions. Continue reading The changing dynamics of the conversation economy