Orange opens up its “Open Source Mobile Widget Platform” to the mobile industry

At the ‘Mobilize 2010’ conference in San Francisco on Friday the 1st, Orange announced its “Open Source Mobile Widget Platform” that is now available to the mobile industry. The Open Source Mobile Widget Platform is a technology developed by Orange Labs that enables web-based mobile apps to be developed for all mobile devices, ranging from the lowest to the highest form factors All telephone manufacturers, integrators, developers and operators can access the technology on in the coming weeks.

the Open Source Mobile Widget Platform includes:

Who shall go the app-store way first? Safaricom, Zain, Orange or Yu…rubbing my hands with glee

As I think of how to best tell you what this means for developers and consumers as well as to let my excitement settle down to allow for objective thinking…someni. I had to rework this post after intel came my way right after I did the original one :-)

Its about time one of the operators took the local developers developers by their horns and said…lets see what you’ve got by opening up their own app store. While essentially not a world first :-)  this move is bound to be taken well by serious developers while the the not so serious ones will soon look for another angle to excuse their not monetizing the space.

What I am hoping for is that whoever does go first, will adopt better revenue share models than they currently have on their premium rate services on sms and IVR  and that they will offer subscription as a model as well. Case in point – for our stock market app, my customers can be billed on a monthly basis without the need to reengage them to say your monthly access fee is due. I am also hoping that they will not impose prohibitive access fees…for what its worth it should be free to access the store…only pay when you buy. Plus don’t kill us on the publisher fees as well :-)

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Mobile Web East Africa (feb3-4)…if you want to understand the mobile space in East Africa

All Amber (, a UK based conference company is leading an initiative focusing on the development of the Mobile Web in Africa by organizing a series of conferences on the topic.  The conferences seek to bring together all of the leading stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem to learn, network and share experiences with the aim that the potential of the mobile internet and mobile applications can be truly harnessed.

All Amber events  are innovative and progressive in their nature and utilize the very best venues, with finely tuned agendas and an interactive round-table format which sets them apart from the traditional rows of seats style and contributes to all the attendees enjoying a fantastic ‘on-the-day’ experience and significantly improved outputs and networking.

All Amber’s latest event is Mobile Web East Africa ( which is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya on 3rd & 4th February 2010, is generating a large amount of interest in the region, has already attracted a host of the leading individuals and organizations from around the continent to participate and is being officially hosted by the Kenya ICT Board