Archives For Windows Marketplace for Mobile

As I think of how to best tell you what this means for developers and consumers as well as to let my excitement settle down to allow for objective thinking…someni. I had to rework this post after intel came my way right after I did the original one :-)

Its about time one of the operators took the local developers developers by their horns and said…lets see what you’ve got by opening up their own app store. While essentially not a world first :-)  this move is bound to be taken well by serious developers while the the not so serious ones will soon look for another angle to excuse their not monetizing the space.

What I am hoping for is that whoever does go first, will adopt better revenue share models than they currently have on their premium rate services on sms and IVR  and that they will offer subscription as a model as well. Case in point – for our stock market app, my customers can be billed on a monthly basis without the need to reengage them to say your monthly access fee is due. I am also hoping that they will not impose prohibitive access fees…for what its worth it should be free to access the store…only pay when you buy. Plus don’t kill us on the publisher fees as well :-)

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