We are made up of data and transactions


Today, I feel like waxing philosophical, coming out of an intense two week period where a number of fledgling enterprises that I am involved in, were forced to rethink their strategy and market potential at a time where everything and everyone is getting disrupted and commoditized on the back of cheaper storage, faster processing power, turnkey infrastructure and new ways of work. Old and primarily offline business systems now have a new lease on life, conversing easily with the latest builds on the bleeding edge of tech, bringing unprecedented efficiency and value. All of this stemming from the goldmine that is data, connected by application program interface (API) ecosystems.

Now, have you ever sat back to think about what makes you, well you? Far from it being a vain pursuit, you will probably come to the realization; should you give it the time, that you are not much different from everyone else around you in the day to day on their daily grind if we look at the “SI units” that make up our existence.

The alarm clock triggers a system reboot from the faux death we fall into every evening, senses come alive signaling the start of a new day. Literally every single second of the day has us creating and consuming data as we interact with our immediate environment, a process that is replicated even in the smallest units of ourselves, the DNA. When we juxtapose the benefits that we see now in the artificial world, brought about by advances in technology, the realization is equally comforting as it is frightening. Think beyond the internet and other platforms as are manifest now and imagine with me. What if we could increase the efficiency in our natural systems of communication, storage and processing, for example to make knowledge transfer a matter of a download or simple plug into a collective repository? What if a language pack was all it would take for a kid from Thogoto to understand mandarin and therefore be that one step in their quest for global citizenship? Could we perchance seamlessly share memories bringing back warmth and a feeling of oneness in a fragmented, selfish, cold and polarized world?

Our entire lives and experiences are made up of data and transactions and as such we should live deliberately for what we create in and of ourselves, we eventually exchange and those exchanges are what eventually mould our social fabric and defines us as a people and a time is coming when we will flow fluidly across a new commonality that will be created.

An Africa based entrepreneur in the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled striving to build services that have real-world value for my beloved continent and beyond while having fun along the way.

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